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Bobo Campers - Campervan en 4x4 camperverhuur in Zuid-Afrika & Namibië

Welkom bij Bobo Campers

Wie we zijn

Bobo Campers is Zuid-Afrika's meest ervaren motorhome en 4x4 camper verhuurbedrijf.

We doen al zaken vanaf 1991 en hebben we onze vloot uitgebreid tot de beste en modernste campervloot in Afrika.

Bobo Campers. Premier motorhome and 4x4 hire South Africa and Namibia
Camper- en 4x4-verhuur in Zuid-Afrika en in Namibië
Bobo Campers. Kwaliteit camper en 4x4 verhuur Zuid-Afrika & Namibië

Wat we doen

Wij verhuren motorhomes en 4x4 campers aan bezoekers voor de self-drive markt van over de gehele wereld om zuidelijk-Afrika te ervaren op eigen tempo en vrije tijd.

Van volledig ingerichte campers voor onderandere gezinnen tot ruige 4x4's voor de meer avontuurlijke liefhebbers hebben we iets voor alle soorten ontdekkers.

Onze campers

Discoverer 6

Vanaf R2520 per dag

Dit gezinsmodel in onze vloot is deze zespersoons Iveco Discoverer 6. Deze grote camper is alleen leverbaar in een 8-traps automaat. Hoe anders?

Discoverer 4

Vanaf R2380 per dag

De Discoverer 4 heeft vier slaapplaatsen met veel leefruimte. Comfortabel en luxueus, met alles erop en eraan.

Discoverer FunXA

Vanaf R2380 per dag

Gebouwd op een Toyota Hilux automaat 4x4 chassis, deze ruime all-road camper heeft veel luxe zoals een keuken, cabine airco en een WC.

Discoverer FunX budget

Vanaf R1830 per dag

Gebouwd op een Nissan NP300 4x4 chassis, deze ruime all-road camper heeft veel luxe zoals een keuken, cabine airco en een WC.

Bobo Campers - take the long way home. Camper hire South Africa & Namibia

Waarom Bobo?

Omdat we uw hele reis kunnen plannen, compleet met campings en een reisgids.

Wij bieden uitsluitend automatische versnellingsbakopties aan voor zowel de Discoverer 4 als de 6 campermodellen.

Wij vervaardigen onze eigen aanbod van voertuigen en suggesties van klanten hebben ons aanbod in de loop der jaren verbeterd.

Wij bieden de unieke non-pop-up dak 4x4 campers aan: de Discoverer FunX budget en de nieuwe Discoverer FunXA

Beste tarieven in de markt voor topmodellen die nooit ouder dan 5 jaar zijn. De meeste modellen zijn minder dan 2 jaar oud. Onze tarieven zijn gepubliceerd zodat u snel een beslissing kunt nemen.

Nog steeds worden geen contract-, extra bestuurder- en contractvergoeding verrekend. We bieden ook gratis drop-off aan naar de dichtbijzijnste luchthaven voor de inviduele klanten. 

Bobo Campers - take the long way home. Camper hire South Africa & Namibia
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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 420 customer reviews.
For our very first experience in camping with a motorhome in South Africa, it was the best choice we could have done. The reservation, all dialogues before coming to pick up the camper were perfect. The camper pick-up and all instructions were clear, the camper is well furnished and the beds are very comfortable (excellent foam). The camper is super to drive and anyone can do it. It is fast and has got a suspension system that makes it easy on anybody’s back. Only problem during our holidays, the switch of the driver side window broke down in the late evening when everything is closed. Of course the window was down!!! We had to patch it. Bobo Campers is to be recommended by every one as it is very close to perfection. Thank you.
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Jacques Huboux Avatar
Jacques Huboux
Absolut hilfsbereit und totaler Sachverstand auch bei Schäden großzügige Regelung
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Manfred Schweigard Avatar
Manfred Schweigard
We hired a 6 sleeper for 5 nights camping at Yzerfontein as first time campers. We enjoyed the camping experience with the motor home so much so that we booked a camper for a 12 nighter in the Kruger NP. Everything on the inventory was in the camper in mint condition – clean and fresh. No problem with driving the vehicle which had a lot of mileage on it but no problems. All the workings were explained to us and we found it, as not so young people, easy to operate, fill and clean. The bed was long enough for a 6 footer to easy fit in head to toe with some space to spare. Highly recommended.
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KJ Lanser Avatar
KJ Lanser
Wir sind seit Jahren Kunden. 🔝 Autos und tolles Personal.
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Cornelia Hinte Avatar
Cornelia Hinte
The staff was extremely helpfull with all our enquiries and the camper we had was in perfect condition we will defnitily be using them again,thank you again for a lovely holiday. thanking you gary peplar
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Gary Peplar Avatar
Gary Peplar
Terrible company & customer service. While planning from the U.S. they were awful about communicating via email & did not provide any recommendations for routes or camping when asked. I also had to provide a copy of my credit card via email & that information was subsequently stolen & used in the Cape area before my arrival. We traveled from Cape Town to Johannesburg in the camper van with 4 people. The Cape Town representatives hurriedly rushed through explaining the van & paperwork so they could leave for the weekend & did not explain anything correctly regarding insurance or policies. Within less than a week of driving on normal routes, we got a flat tire because their vehicle & tires were not maintained properly and all tires were below recommended pressure. We were then stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere for hours with no cell reception because the tools they provided to fix a flat did not fit the spare. The spare was rusted on & when we finally got to the spare because a local farmer stopped to help us, the spare was bent at the rim & leaking air. We then stopped at the next service station to fill air & every tire was well below pressure. At that point, the van would not start & had multiple electrical shorts & errors flashing. They provided us with an emergency contact number for a mechanic which we called when we were able to get cell service & he was of zero help. He said he would contact the company and get back to us but nobody contacted us for 2 days. The van somehow started but we continued to have electrical errors for 3 days with different lights flashing & shorts whereby the lights would stay on even when the van was of & keys removed. We were unable to camp because we were afraid of being stranded and the van not starting. On top of that, the water in the toilet also stopped working. We even had to buy a new spare & have a mechanic fix the busted spare & replace all the nuts & bolts. We were told we would be reimbursed up to a certain amount, but the company did not reimburse us for the spare & kept it. That cost us over $150 USD. We relayed all this information to the company & were extremely upset with the dangerous situation they put us in & they had no concern for our safety & even admitted that if the farmer didn’t come along, we might have been robbed on the side of the road. They had no idea why the spare was bent or why the tools didn’t fit, but the answer is because they don’t maintain their vehicles. They have no explanation for the electrical issues, although the emergency mechanic I spoke with said this van had electrical issues 2 years prior. When explaining the whole situation to the Johannesburg representatives they just sat there & stared & said nothing about the incident & even went as far to blame me for my lack of communication. Keep in mind communication would have done nothing since the situation should have been prevented through proper maintenance of the vehicle but wasn’t. And I did communicate every circumstance as it happened & they didn’t get back to me for 2 days because they said it was a weekend & holiday. I was not given a discount or money back for our troubles. I was not reimbursed for the brand new tire they kept. I was even charged for some minor damage & a broken glass. They took every opportunity to get every dollar out of us with no concern for their customer service or the safety of their customers. I even followed up for weeks asking to speak to a manager or the owner to make it right, and they ignored every request. So I’m making this post in hopes that future customers will not have the same experience with this awful company & be put in a dangerous situation. I am a travel agent who has traveled around the world and dealt with many different companies in this industry and I can say this one has some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Find a different rental company.
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Ashley Wilson Avatar
Ashley Wilson

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