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Questions about southern Africa

This is a question we hear a lot. The short answer is Yes. If it were not possible our company would not exist and our products not sold through our many travel agency partners around the world. You might have heard a lot about crime problems in South Africa but rest assured in the knowledge that you will have a great time driving.

Besides you passport, valid international drivers permit and credit card, you can take sunscreen lotion, malaria medication and a good camera. Don’t wear sandals with socks please…that’s sooo old school…

Yes, but fuel stations and toll fee transactions must be done with cash as international cards are not accepted.

All towns and major roads are well-covered. We have three suppliers: Vodacom, MTN and CellC. Data coverage is also wide spread but 4G is only available in larger towns or cities where 5G is also making an entry. 3G and/or EDGE is more common in rural areas. Slower speeds to suit the mood.

Filling up with fuel is no problem. You will find fuel stations everywhere. The filling process is done by personnel and is not self-help. We call them “petroljoggies” in Afrikaans or simply “attendants” in good ol’ english.

No, those days are over. You will need to stay at one of the many camp sites throughout Southern Africa. We provide a campsite guide and there is one in almost every town.

Tap water is safe to drink in South Africa but bottled mineral water is available for purchase. The choice is yours to make.

Questions about southern Africa

Plenty. Banks are found in every town. All banks also have an ATM where you can withdraw money with your card. Please ensure your card is enabled for international use. Banking hours? 09:00 to around 15:00 Mondays to Fridays.

Big. The 25th largest country in the world. Over 120 Million square kilometers actually. Kruger Park alone is about the size of the Netherlands. SA is five times bigger than the UK and three times the size of Texas. Lots to see then…

Mostly great, thank you. Summer is from October to April and winter is from May to August. Summers tend to be quite hot, with daytime temperatures hovering around and above 30ºC (86ºF). For beach holidays and bird watching, summer tends to be the preferred time to visit.

Winter is the best time for game viewing, as temperatures are lower, wildlife tends to concentrate in areas where water is available and the bush is less dense, improving visibility. Winter temperatures during the day are around 15ºC (59ºF) and night time temperatures can fall to and below 0º (32ºF). Snowfalls are rare but occasionally occur on the higher mountains.

With around 700,000 kms of roads available, the road network is mostly of high standards. However, pot holes can be found more frequently. One of the reasons not to drive at night.

Southern Africa is driving on the left and give way to the right. Drivers must have an international driver’s permit in English. Seatbelts are mandatory. Driving in South Africa is easy to adapt to with sign posting in English.

Overtaking on the inside is not illegal in South Africa and is a common practice. When changing lanes be aware of cars on the inside. In general, speed limits are 120 km/h (75 miles) on freeways and 60 km/h (37 miles) in towns and cities.

Southern Africa uses the Metric system. We use kilometers, meters, degrees in Celsius and kilograms – just as nature intended?

GMT+2. We have no daylight savings time so no need to set clocks back in Southern Africa. No jet lag issues if you’re visiting from Europe.

South Africa has no less than 11 official languages. If you can speak and understand English you will have no problem with communication. Namibia is similar but German is also widely spoken there. Afrikaans is similar to Dutch and is also spoken in both countries.

Questions about Bobo Campers

We require a valid international drivers license in English.

We accept VISA and Mastercard. Diners Club and AMEX are not accepted.

If you opted for a CDW excess then this amount will be held on your account for the duration of the rental period. This is not applicable for CDW  Maxi.

Yes. We offer FIT complete trips. These trips can be pre-booked. The itinerary is complete with campsite pre-bookings and day-to-day guide. We know the best camps and routes for ensuring your trip is most memorable.

All models have European (Schuko) and South African sockets.
These will work when hooked up to the 220V mains.

If the return depot is the same as your departure depot you may do so. No problem.

No later than 16:00 on the day of return.

Our fleet is very well maintained with strict maintenance procedures but an unlikely breakdown could happen. Our technical staff is always available in assisting you to get you back on the road as fast as possible. If this is not possible we will arrange for vehicle replacement anywhere you are.

We can pre-arrange for pick-up or drop-off in any location close to an airport or bus station. Timbuktu? ahem…no.

No. we are a serious business working hard to ensure we meet your expectations and achieve value for money. Having achieved this we have grown into the size and reputation we enjoy today.

What’s life without some fun.

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